SA’s Declining Air Quality Puts the Whole City at Risk


“Leaving San Antonio was the only remedy that helped Krystal Henagan’s son, Tanner.

Her family moved to San Antonio in 2012, when Tanner was 4 years old. He developed severe asthma, which soon became “uncontrollable.” Doctors thought the child had cedar or oak allergies, and put him on seven different medications. But fleeing the polluted Alamo City air was the only reliable treatment.

“There were some nights and afternoons that it would get so bad that we would leave the area just to get some relief,” said Henagan, who is now a field organizer with the advocacy group Moms Clean Air Force. “We shuttled him between Lubbock and Houston for about six months so his health could get back on track, and it did.”

As the temperature rises and San Antonio’s brief winter gives way to spring and summer, many take going outside for granted. But not everyone gets to enjoy the outdoors. The changing seasons signal an approach of the high point for air pollution, pushing children, the elderly and those who suffer from asthma and other illnesses indoors.

San Antonio’s air is cleaner than it was a decade ago, but pollution is on the rise. Now local officials are desperate to improve the air as soon as possible, both for the health of residents and the fiscal well-being of the region…”

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