Assistance Services

What We Do

We can help you with your local fight.  CHEJ’s experienced staff has helped thousands of community groups form, grow and win local fights. We provide personal assistance over the phone, in person, and via the Internet, to help individuals form a group, define their goals, and develop strategies to achieve their goals. We provide groups with the tools they need to organize and win.

So if you think we can help, please call us at (703) 237-2249 or email us at

We can help you by;

  • Providing the guidance you need to form a group and engage your neighbors in your issue.
  • Working with your group to develop strategies that address the problem in your community.
  • Reviewing technical documents and helping you to understand the technical issues and questions you have.
  • Providing training workshops that build skills, develop leadership and improve organizational capacity.
  • Helping you develop your media messages so that your voice will be heard in the media.
  • Providing information that helps you understand the issues you’re facing and how to be successful.
  • Connecting you to groups fighting the same issue or to individuals who have already won and know what it takes to win.

CHEJ has found that victory is achieved when people build powerful, organized groups, play by their own rules and make government and corporations answer to them! We have helped over 12,000 community groups. Yours can be the next success story.

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Organizing assistance

Technical assistance

General information

“CHEJ’s organizing support and technical support was a major reason for our success in getting companies to reduce toxic air emissions, especially near schools.  CHEJ was there for us every step of the way.  They gave us assistance in developing a smart strategy, access to experts to help with technical knowledge and connected us with other organizations doing similar work.” Erin Heaney, WNY Clean Air Coalition