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Green Cleaning

Chemicals used in traditional cleaning products have shown to not only be harmful to our environment throughout the lifecycle of the product but also to our own health. Using green cleaning practices and products is a safe alternative.

Green chemistry is an innovative science used in developing non-toxic cleaning products. It is based on the precautionary principle, which states that the health of humans, animals, and the environment must be considered before introducing practices or products that may be harmful. As recently as five years ago, many non-toxic cleaning products were less effective and more expensive than their toxic counterparts, thanks to green chemistry, effective, cost-competitive non-toxic cleaning products and practices are widely available today.

Everyone can make the switch to green cleaning. Even government is getting in on the action. In 2006, New York State passed a law requiring all schools and government office buildings to be cleaned with green cleaners, and New Jersey, Massachusetts, Florida and other states are pursuing the same goal.

To see if your state has a policy or to review other policies to develop your own link here.