PVC Free University

Environmental Injustice & the Campaign for
PVC-Free Schools

Download the entire toolkit as a PDF


  • Introduction: PDF | HTML
  • Starting Your Campaign – Planning Your Strategy: PDF | HTML
  • Organizing an Effective Campaign: PDF | HTML
  • Building Your Campaign to Win: PDF | HTML
  • Winning and Implementing Your Policy: PDF | HTML
  • Sample One-Year Campaign Timeframe: PDF | HTML
  • Top Ten Reasons for Your University to Go PVC-Free: PDF | HTML
  • Sample University Policy to Reduce and Phase Out PVC: PDF | HTML
  • Sample Student or Faculty Resolution on Phasing Out PVC: PDF | HTML
  • Resources to Win: PDF | HTML
  • Sample flyer for your campus | (in MS Word)
  • Sample petition for your campus | (in MS Word)