Other Giving

Plan a Charitable Wedding

Do you know someone who’s engaged? Tell them about the I Do Foundation. The I Do Foundation lets your wedding benefit charity at no cost to you or your guests. By setting up a gift registry through the Foundation, wedding gifts purchased at any of ten nationwide stores yield donations of up to 8 percent for charity. You can also book your honeymoon through the I Do Foundation and up to 5 percent of the cost of your trip will go directly to charity. CHEJ is one of the Foundation’s recommended nonprofit partners, all actively striving to make our communities and society more equitable and just.

Use GoodSearch

Now you can raise money for CHEJ simply by searching the Internet with GoodSearch.com. The site is powered by Yahoo, so you’ll get the same great search results that you’re used to. But each time you search, money is generated for CHEJ. Just go to Good Search’s website, type “Center for Health, Environment and Justice” in the box under “I’m Supporting,” and click “Verify.” Once this one-time setup is complete, you can search the Internet just like you would with any other search engine. CHEJ will receive a donation every time you search.

Shop through iGive

At iGive.com, you get a free membership (no costs or obligations) to shop at 650+ stores. Without even paying extra, you’ll be helping CHEJ at the same time. The share of each purchase that is donated to CHEJ ranges all the way up to 26%.