138 William Sanjour’s Memoir

Bill Sanjour’s telling of how a federal program, intended to regulate the haphazard disposal of toxic industrial wastes, was, with EPA’s acquiescence, taken over by the hazardous waste disposal industry to the detriment of people living in poor rural areas around the country.  Sanjour, an EPA manager, tells the story of how he became a whistleblower and was recruited by Lois Gibbs, of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice, to take up the cause of these Americans, speaking at rallies in small towns around the country and frequently testifying in the U.S. Congress and state legislatures.  When the federal government tried to silence him by writing a law just for that purpose, Sanjour and the National Whistleblowers Center fought a four year battle to declare the law unconstitutional.  The final chapter of Sanjour’s book deals with reforms for regulatory agencies to make them work for the public the agencies are supposed to protect.

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