Training Opportunity Information

How does this training opportunity work?

  1. You need to have a conversation with a CHEJ staff person to talk about what kind of training you think you need. What are your groups goals (Example: Protect children in the community from environmental chemicals)?  What are your training goals (Example: Learn how to establish a local coalition to build support and educate parents about the threat)? You with CHEJ will come up with a training plan.

    The plan can include:

    • A one day, two day or weekend training activity.
    • Often groups will also hold a “public” meeting one evening using the trainer to talk with the community at large about the issue and to attract media attention. This is more of a public educational event than training but it provides an opportunity to attract more people to your group’s efforts.
    • Fundraising can also be done by have an evening reception (with the trainer as special guest) charging what you think is reasonable in your community at the door $25, $50 or more. Groups can ask local businesses to donate food and drinks so the costs are low and you raise funds.
  2. Find a date that works best for your group and CHEJ’s trainer(s).
  3. Secure a place to meet for the training.
  4. Get 20 to 30 local group members to commit to come to the training.
  5. Recruit some volunteers to bring snacks, lunch, coffee and beverages to the event.
  6. Costs are low for training activities. In some places CHEJ has received support to underwrite the costs of time, travel, accommodations and food for our staff. Please talk with us about the costs.