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 Getting more people from our community involved in our efforts.

 Help our organization’s committees be more responsible and accomplish their tasks.

 Find ways to raise money through events, donations, social media and/or grant writing.

 Explore a different organizational structure so one or two people are not doing all the work.

 Learn how to get better media coverage for our issues and strengthen our message.

 Assist with organizational or campaign strategy both long and short-term to accomplish our goals.

 Develop a strategy - a plan - with our organizational leaders to win.

 Building and sustaining a coalition/alliance effort.

Scientific and Technical Assistance

 Scientific expert to explain testing results and how samples are taken.

 Technical person to explore the possibilities of doing a health related survey or study.

 Technical person to educate our group and the community about the risks we are facing through contamination.

 An expert to meet with community to help leaders to understand a clean-up proposal or a proposal for a new facility or process such as fracking.

Other type of assistance

Established Organizations

 Time Management

 Board Development

 Organizational Structure/Roles of Board & Staff

 Leadership Skills Building of Key Leaders

 Organizational Strategic Planning Long Term/Short Term

 Fund Raising Through Social Media, Foundations, Members and Donors

Other Type of Training/Assistance

Share with us what issues your organization is working on.

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