The 2013 Back to School Guide to PVC-free School Supplies

CHEJ’s 2013 Back-to-School Guide is hot off the presses!

Our annual guide helps you and your family steer clear of phthalates and vinyl, the poison plastic, in your children’s school supplies.    So grab a binder, snatch up a lunch bag,  ditch phthalate-laden vinyl plastic, and join the fight for healthier PVC-free schools!

Vinyl, the most toxic plastic for children’s health

PVC, also known as vinyl plastic, is the most toxic plastic for children’s health and the environment.  From production to use and disposal, vinyl releases a toxic cocktail of chemicals including dioxins, phthalates, mercury, PCBs, vinyl chloride, chlorine gas and numerous other substances harmful to our health, some of which are building up in our children’s bodies and food supply.  Scientists have found find certain vinyl chemicals linked to asthma, cancer, birth defects, learning and developmental disabilities, obesity, diabetes and other preventable chronic diseases on the rise.

Last year, independent laboratory testing commissioned by CHEJ and the Empire State Consumer Project found toxic chemicals linked to asthma and birth defects widespread in children’s vinyl back-to-school supplies. Seventy-five percent of children’s “back-to-school” supplies tested in a laboratory had elevated levels of toxic phthalates, including popular Disney branded school supplies, such as vinyl lunchboxes, backpacks, 3-ring binders, raincoats, and rainboots. The levels of phthalates found in children’s school supplies would be illegal if these products were toys. Just like toys, school supplies are used by young children that are uniquely vulnerable to chemical exposure.

Help spread the word!

Help us share the guide with parents around the country.  We’ve created these downloadable web graphics promoting the Back-to-School Guide, which is great for posting on websites, blogs, and Facebook: