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Clean Up Superfund Toxic Waste Sites

Clean Up Superfund Toxic Waste Sites

Join the national network advocating for restoration of “polluters pay” fees to refinance the bankrupt Federal Superfund program and clean up toxic waste sites.

Tell Congress To Support Polluter Pays Law
Ask your representative to protect public health. Make polluters, not taxpayers, pay to refinance the bankrupt Superfund program.
Go to U.S. Public Interest Research Group’s easy form and send a letter today. View updates on Superfund legislation at U.S. PIRG’s site.

Superfund Sites Where You Live
Find out about Superfund toxic waste sites in your state by visiting the federal Environmental Protection Agency’s website

Superfund, America’s Safety Net in Crisis
CHEJ released a national report on the 25th Anniversary of Superfund in 2005 which provides compelling information on the program’s funding shortfall, its history and a community profile of sites in every state in America.
View Report
View Superfund Site Community Profiles
View Financial Charts and List of All Superfund Sites

Sign up for Superfund Actions
BE SAFE organizes national days of action on Superfund to press policymakers to take action. Join the Superfund Action List by emailing Anne Rabe, BE SAFE Coordinator at or call 518-732-4538.

Groups and concerned citizens in more than 42 states have held media events and actions. For instance, we held “Corporate Pizza Tax” events. People delivered pizza to the district offices of 52 U.S. Senators who voted against polluters pay fees. Why? To highlight the expired Superfund corporate tax only cost corporations the price of a pizza, or $12 for every $10,000 in profits.

Get a Daily Dose of Superfund
Superfund365, A Site-A-Day is an activist website that visits one toxic site in the federal Superfund every day. It started the journey in New York and is working its way across the country. In the end, the archive will consist of 365 visualizations of some of the worst toxic sites in the U.S, and video interviews with people involved with or impacted by Superfund.

Nominate Your Site: Brooke Singer is looking for people who live near or have first-hand knowledge of sites to contribute photos and/or stories. Contact her at or nominate a site by visiting the website.