True Cost Environmental Tool Kit

Pricing Pollution

Pricing Pollution: An Overview
CHEJ describes the benefits of true cost or full-cost accounting studies that look at the price of pollution.

How Much Do Environmental Diseases and Disabilities Cost?
Kate Davies, Antioch University Seattle, describes a wave of new studies which are highlighting the health and related costs of using toxic chemicals in America.

An Economic Framework for Precaution
Frank Ackerman, Tufts University, describes how free-market theory assumptions fail and outlines the four areas to focus on in the economics of health and environmental issues. 

A Precautionary Approach to Economic Analysis

Nancy Myers, Science & Environmental Health Network, discusses the precautionary principle and economics and the need for precautionary economic analysis of environmental issues.

Precedent-Setting Pricing Pollution Studies
View 16 studies that price pollution or investigate the true costs of environmental hazards and toxic chemicals.