Winning and Implementing Your Policy

Winning and Implementing Your Policy

Developing a Policy
After months and months of organizing and campaigning, the School Administration has agreed they will draft a PVC-free procurement and investment policy for the University! Yay! Now what?

The next step is for you and the University to draft a measurable and enforceable policy. Hopefully by this point you and your group have already drafted and presented a policy for the University to adopt. Key components the policy should contain:

  • How will students know the policy is being implemented and followed?
  • Are there benchmarks the policy is working towards?
  • How will the University implement the policy?

We’ve drafted a sample policy for your University to work from (see the toolkit). We recognize your University may not use this word for word, but are confident this is a great starting place.

Implementing and Monitoring a Policy
After the University has developed the policy, we recommend forming a joint student-faculty-administration committee to regularly discuss and review the implementation of the policy. You will want to insure there are some sympathetic members from your group that are part of this implementation committee. To the extent that you can, you’ll want to make this committee semi-permanent so that it will continue to meet while you and your other leaders have graduated from school. As part of your policy, you’ll want to ensure the University is regularly reporting out to students on an annual basis how the policy is being implemented. This can be reported out on the University’s environmental/sustainability website, in the campus media, etc.

Leveraging Your Policy
You may want to write up a case study about your campaign so students at other colleges around the country can learn how you pulled it off! Be sure to let CHEJ know about your victory!

Celebrate Your Victory!
Yay, it’s time for a victory party! Don’t forget — celebrate and publicize your victory far and wide!