PVC Free Products for Your School and Home

Safe, cost-effective alternatives to PVC are readily available for virtually every use.  From safe plastics, to bio-based materials, there is a growing market replacing hazardous PVC products.  You can help build consumer demand for safer, healthier products by avoiding the purchase of PVC.  One way to be sure if the packaging of a product is made from PVC is to look for the number “3” inside or the letter “V” underneath the universal recycling symbol.  In addition, soft flexible plastic products that are made with PVC often have a distinct odor, such as vinyl shower curtains.  If you suspect that a product is made of PVC, contact the product manufacturer and ask them directly about the materials used in the product or packaging and your concerns about PVC.

PVC-Free School SuppliesGo PVC-Free for Back to School!

CHEJ is proud to announce the release of our Back-to-School Guide to PVC-Free School Supplies to help you make healthy shopping choices that are safer for your kids, your community and the environment. Many children’s school supplies, such as lunchboxes, backpacks and binders, are often made out of PVC—a toxic plastic that is dangerous to our health and the environment. This guide lists the most common back-to-school supplies made out of toxic PVC and suggests safer PVC-free products in over 35 product categories. You can also download a wallet-sized version of the guide for your shopping needs on the go.

CHEJ’s Guide to PVC-free School Office Supplies and Building Materials

CHEJ has created this Guide to PVC-Free School Office Supplies and Building Materials to empower your K-12 school or college/university to make smarter, healthier purchasing and building choices for a toxic-free future. This guide lists the most common school supplies and building materials made out of PVC and suggests where to find safer PVC-free alternatives.

This Vinyl School: Where is PVC Hiding in Your School?

We’ve created a fun and interactive website, This Vinyl School, to educate parents, teachers and students about some of the most common products made out of PVC in schools, and more importantly, safer alternatives schools can purchase.  Visit This Vinyl School to click through various rooms in a school to find out where this dangerous plastic is hiding and find healthier products.

You can get resources to help promote the site by going here.

Pass Up the Poison Plastic – The PVC-Free Guide for Your Family & Home.

Worried about toxic chemicals in toys, baby products, and your home? CHEJ is proud to announce our latest resource – Pass Up the Poison Plastic – The PVC-Free Guide for Your Family & Home. The guide lists the most common consumer products made out of PVC and safer PVC-free products including baby products, children’s toys, electronics, and more. Download your copy today.

Below you will find a number of well-researched reports on safe alternatives to some of the most widely used PVC products.

Reports and Resources on Safe Alternatives to PVC*

*Most of these materials are Adobe Acrobat PDF files.  If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat or Reader, click here.