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CHEJ Media & Messaging Tool Kit

Struggling to make your voice heard over industry’s media machine? CHEJ is here to help with the release of our new Media & Messaging Tool Kit. Check out our tip sheets and how-to guides based on our 30 years of experience in getting the media to cover the community viewpoint. We share insider tricks to get a reporter’s attention and all you need to know to hold a successful press conference. Learn to create effective messaging and media-worthy actions and publicize them with news advisories and releases, guided by examples from CHEJ and our partner groups. The Tool Kit enables you to compete with the corporate media machine through outreach to traditional news media and the new “social media” of twitter, blogs, etc. Questions? Contact CHEJ staff at 703-237-2249 X19 or 518-732-4538.

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Media Events

Writing for Media

Media Glossary

Guess What You Had for Breakfast This Morning?
CHEJ Dioxin in Food Newspaper Advertisement.

When it Comes to Her Safety, Target’s Aim is Off
CHEJ Target USA Today Advertisement

Sam Suds and the Case of PVC, the Poison Plastic
CHEJ Flash Video (3 minutes)

Tell Disney to Go Green!
CHEJ Green Cleaning Campaign Website Advertisement

Who Knew that Potatoes Could Build a Better Future?
Environmental Health Strategies Center’s Maine “Potatoes to Plastic” Advertisement

The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard
Popular Video Looks at Stuff From Extraction to Waste Disposal to Another Way

Mother of the Year Video
Popular Video by

Putting on Makeup Shouldn’t Be Like Playing with Matches
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics USA Today Advertisement

Green My Apple to the Core
Greenpeace’s Apple electronic waste campaign

Think Outside the Bottle
Corporate Accountability International campaign challenging corporate water control

Return to Offender: The Do Not Mail Blog
Forest Ethics’s Do Not Mail Campaign